Using nature as our technology

Nature is the ultimate source of our prosperity, well-being and the blueprint for our future.

Trees are Nature’s technological marvels. A tree is a reservoir of carbon dioxide that is stored for years, decades and even hundreds of years for some species.

Forests around the world absorb about a net amount of 7.6 billion metric tons of CO2 a year, which represent roughly 1.5 times the annual emissions from the entire United States.

Soils are another indispensable force within Nature’s arsenal. Acting as a regenerative hub, soils facilitate life by absorbing and decomposing organic matter, storing water, recycling nutrients, and hosting a myriad of vital organisms. A staggering 80% of global terrestrial carbon finds its sanctuary in soil.

Water systems and cycles are essential for sustaining life and extend their influence far beyond.

From powering the process of photosynthesis to quenching the thirst of trees, humans, animals, and crops alike, water forms an integral part of our interconnected ecosystems.

Recognizing these intricate relationships, we acknowledge that Earth’s ecosystems are fundamental contributors to our economies; providing invaluable services with economic significance. 

At Arbreen, we can leverage the economic value of Nature, and use the powerful technology it provides to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and restore sustainability in our landscapes.

As a way of exemplification, a mature forest in Africa will sequester 5 to 20 tCO2 per hectare annually. Our projects, which are super-sized, aim to sequester between 100,000 and 1 million tCO2 per year at maturity.

Elevating Sustainability: Super-scale forests and Beyond

Arbreen is a business of sustainability, at scale. In the global warming era, addressing the critical needs of CO2 removal, clean water and food security are paramount for humanity.

Building on a holistic analysis of the ecological, climatic, social and economic characteristics of the regions where we operate, Arbreen collaborates closely with local and national governments, communities, civil society, businesses, technology and scientific partners.

Our mission is to design and implement sustainable models that integrate socio-economic development, biodiversity conservation and CO2 removal.

This means that our core activity, the removal and sequestration of atmospheric CO2 through super-scale forests, is intricately woven with a commitment to sustainable land use management, the optimisation of land-based productions (such as sustainable agriculture, timber and non-timber forest products) and the responsible extraction and production of clean water.