The intersection of technology and climate solutions

Scalable and financially sustainable projects that propel the transformative potential of Nature Based Solutions.

In the battle against global warming, the pivotal role of Science and Technology cannot be overstated.

From managing tree growth to measuring forest carbon stock, technology offers powerful tools to increase the performance of Nature-based Solution projects, environmentally, technically and economically.

Arbreen has already forged relationships with Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies which can pinpoint optimal project sites, accurately measure the carbon stock of the ecosystems at our project sites, calculate historical fluxes and improve our forest carbon sequestration models.  

As we strive to be a leading Nature-based Solution company, we believe in AI to drive larger and faster climate change mitigation results, an increased resilience to global warming and to deliver higher business performance by improving:

Meteorological forecast and seasonal anticipation of global warming effects, groundwater resource management, farming performance monitoring, land use management, monitoring biodiversity conservation results, pest, disease, wildfire and natural disaster anticipation and management, remote monitoring of tree growth and forest carbon sequestration. 

Furthermore, our technological initiatives extend to facilitating carbon credit and biodiversity certification processes, with the potential for even more groundbreaking advancements on the horizon.

Arbreen envisions a future where technology not only aids but accelerates our mission to combat climate change and builds a sustainable future.