Fighting global warming at scale

Global warming is a massive, fast and deep phenomenon which poses an unprecedented threat to our planet.

All over the globe, we witness unprecedented climate events, the loss of our ecosystems and a biodiversity crisis that is resulting in the extinction of thousands of species every year. 

Our cities grapple with sweltering summer days and nights.  The mountains experience the disappearance of snow in winter and in other areas of the globe, the emergence of never-before-experienced snowstorms. 

Floods and droughts wreak havoc, imposing significant economic consequences. Farmlands witness diminishing yields, rivers dry up or overflow, and rising sea levels cast an ominous shadow on our future. 

The relentless pace of change forces us to ponder the destiny of the future generations. 

We see how difficult it is to change our behaviours. And yet, we need to strive for a transformation – from curbing emissions in high-impact sectors.

Within this challenge lies the promise of a sustainable world, where we re-establish our connection with Nature, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Central to the battle against climate change is Nature itself. To win this battle, Nature-based Solutions must be scaled up and swiftly implemented. Arbreen stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to sustainability as a business model and emerging as a new type of utility: Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) using Nature Climate Solutions.