Cultivating community empowerment

At Arbreen, empowering communities is not just a strategy; it’s the very essence of our project development and implementation approach

We view landowners and local communities not as mere stakeholders, but as valued partners in our journey. Their time is as precious to us as our own, and we prioritize their involvement at every step. 

Inclusivity is at the heart of our methodology. We actively engage with communities, inviting them to participate in our studies and attentively listening to their wisdom—often rooted in centuries of harmonious co-existence with Nature.

Recognizing them as co-designers and implementers, we delve into discussions about climate change, biodiversity conservation, water resources, and land production. We consider their challenges and concerns, fostering dialogue about the past, present, and future while jointly analyzing trends.

Our collaborative approach extends beyond conversations to action. Together, we construct plans that reflect our mutual understanding. We uphold cultural respect, champion inclusivity, and uphold human rights. 

In forging fair business models, we ensure compensation for their time, expertise, and in-kind contributions, investing in their ongoing development.

In summary, Arbreen is committed to developing its business by emphasizing fairness and integrity in the relationship with the key stakeholders, first and foremost local communities and landowners, as well as governments, investors and the broader development community.  

This approach is the cornerstone of our vision for a sustainable and harmonious future.